Protecting Big Green Lake into the Next Century
Protecting Big Green Lake into the Next Century
Our mission is to engage in activities that preserve, improve, and protect the natural resources of Big Green Lake and its watershed.

About GLSD

The Green Lake Sanitary District, which is located in Green Lake County, Wisconsin, was established in 1964 and includes all of the existing areas around the lake (excluding the City of Green Lake). The District was formed as a means to protect Big Green Lake and its associated resources with respect to sanitation and related land, air and water quality matters. In addition to coordinating solid waste collection in parts of different Townships, the District also oversees the treatment of wastewater from just over 1,400 homes. Of the District’s 2,200+ total tax parcels, there are approximately 800 vacant lots in addition to the 1,400 lots with homes. Of the 1,400 homes, just under 1,000 are served by sewer and the remaining 400 are served by private on-site wastewater treatment systems (septic and holding tank systems). Also included...

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