Beach Sampling

As in the past, the GLSD weekly beach sampling around the lake ran between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We sample at each public beach as well as several boat launches to determine the E. coli levels at these locations each week. E. coli is a bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans, birds, and other animals; some strains of which can cause severe illness. In July, a sample taken at Sunset Park on the east end of the lake, showed excessively high levels of E. coli. Concerned about the results, the GLSD immediately undertook follow up testing which showed elevated levels, but just above normal range. Continued sampling showed E. coli levels returned to normal 2 weeks after the initial high level was
discovered. Discussions with the WI State Lab of Hygiene and the WI DNR suggest possible impacts from large amounts of goose and seagull droppings washing into the nearshore area from the park. The GLSD will continue to monitor this issue in 2021.