Waste Management Update

There have been many surprising footnotes to the Covid pandemic. One such tidbit is that when people are forced to stay home, apparently they clean house! In speaking with Waste Management this spring and summer, they updated us on the fact that residents within the GLSD put out more than 15% more trash in the 2nd quarter of 2020 than average. WM found this trend to be similar across all the communities it serves. Additionally, WM has seen a huge increase in cardboard being thrown away due to the increase in home deliveries from Amazon, Walmart, etc. Please remember that you can sign up for recycling through the GLSD or you can take your recycling to the township in which you live. The schedule for this is listed in the right column. The GLSD has a 5 year contract with WM which locks us into annual charges for collection throughout the District. For this reason, the GLSD did not have to pay additional fees for the unexpected increase in trash collected. Additionally, though the GLSD-run ‘Spring Clean Up’ event was delayed this year due to Covid, the District itself collected 38% more trash than in 2019.

Here are some reminders about trash collection within the District:
• Keep carts in easy to see locations. Having it near your fire number
or mailbox is recommended.
• Have carts out by 6 am Monday mornings.
• Remember to place carts with top handles facing away from the road.
• Do not place extra bags on ground next to the WM-issued trash cart.
• Remember that on Mondays following busy weekends, trash collection
may extend into Tuesday.
• If roads are unsafe due to ice or snow, WM may not venture down that road. Safety is always a first priority.

If you would like to have recycling service, Waste Management can provide you with a 64-gallon, yellow-topped cart. The cost for the new cart is only $6.00 per month per cart. The recycling cart will be picked up the first Monday of each month. You may request additional 64-gallon recycling carts at a cost of an additional $6.00 per cart per month. If you are not currently a recycling customer with Waste Management and would like to sign up for this service, you must call Waste Management at
(888)-960-0008. Be sure to let them know you are within the Green Lake Sanitary District so you are charged correctly. WM invoices on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the curbside trash collection/recycling service for our residents, be aware that recycling can be dropped off to your local township as well. The list below outlines the services provided to residents of each township within the Green Lake Sanitary District boundaries.