Green Lake Sanitary District Future Sewering Study

In the past 2 years, the GLSD has been petitioned by landowners from several of our unsewered areas to extend sanitary sewer service into their residential areas. The GLSD Board of Commissioners authorized the District Engineer, Cedar Corp., to complete a feasibility study that will evaluate the difficulty and potential costs of providing service to these (developed) unsewered areas of the District. The Board will evaluate project costs, benefits to the lake and groundwater, ages of existing septic systems /holding tanks /cesspools, development history & potential, among other factors to create a prioritization of project areas. The goal is to provide landowners with information about future sewering timelines so they may plan accordingly for new home construction, expansion of their existing home, necessary septic repairs, etc. The results of the Future Sewering Study are expected by early fall. A thank you to the Green Lake County Land Use and Planning Department as they have been working to provide GLSD staff with the most current information on the hundreds of existing septic systems, holding tanks, and cesspools throughout the District.